Bordertown (1990)

john pyper ferguson,bordertown

EPISODE: 2x03 Hand to Hand
AIR DATE: January 19, 1990

WRITTEN BY: Malcolm MacRury
DIRECTED BY: Ken Jubenvill

A Mountie wagon is ambushed, and the Mounties, including a friend of Clive's, are murdered by a gang of outlaw brothers. One of the brothers is captured and taken to Bordertown. When Clive decides to take him to Ft. McLeod to stand trial, Jack and several of the townspeople act as decoys in an attempt to lead the rest of the gang away from the stagecoach on which Clive had elected to transport the prisoner. The outlaws do not fall for the decoy, and attack the stagecoach, wounding their own brother. Clive handcuffs himself to his prisoner as they are forced to flee on foot.

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