Battlestar Galactica (2005-06)

john pyper ferguson,battlestar galactica,pegasus

CHARACTER: Captain Cole 'Stinger' Taylor



john pyper ferguson,battlestar galactica,jamie bamber

WRITTEN BY: Anne Cofell Saunders
DIRECTED BY: Michael Rymer

AIR DATE: September 23, 2005

Starbuck is discussing a plan to save the resistance group on Caprica, when reports are coming in of Cylon activity. A large ship is moving to Galactica. Then Gaeta receives colonial transponders. It's the Battlestar Pegasus, with admiral Cain on board. At first, the crew of Galactica seems overjoyed at their arrival, especially since much needed supplies are being delivered. Then reports start coming in about Cain's unorthodox ways of commanding. She also decides to merge both crews, ordering Apollo and Starbuck to join Pegasus' air group. Meanwhile a large Cylon vessel is discovered, guarded by two basestars. A reconnaissance mission is planned. Dr. Baltar is asked to interrogate a Cylon on the Pegasus. She's been tortured and turns out to be a Number Six copy.


john pyper ferguson,stinger,bsg,resurrection ship

WRITTEN BY: Michael Rymer (teleplay), Anne Cofell Saunders (story)
DIRECTED BY: Michael Rymer

AIR DATE: January 6, 2006

Galactica's and Pegasus' vipers are at a deadlock, waiting for the first one to fire. Then Starbuck comes back from spying on the Cylon vessel. President Roslin negotiates a temporary truce between commander Adama and admiral Cain. The joint forces will attack the Cylon fleet with the unusual ship and Helo and Tyrol's execution will be postponed. Roslin advises Adama to kill Cain. She fears the future of the civilian fleet. Tigh tries to find out what happened to the civilian ships that apparently once traveled with Pegasus. Cain seems impressed with Starbuck and promotes her to CAG for Pegasus. She wants an unconventional plan for the attack on the mysterious Cylon vessel. She asks Dr. Baltar to interrogate the Cylon about it.


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