The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. (1993-94)

john pyper ferguson,brisco county

CHARACTER: Pete Hutter


1x01 Pilot
AIR DATE: August 27, 1993
WRITTEN BY: Jeffrey Boam, Carlton Cuse, David Simkins
DIRECTED BY: Bryan Spicer

When marshal Brisco County Sr. is gunned down by John Bly and his gang of outlaws, his son, bounty hunter Brisco County Jr., comes back from the East to gain revenge on the killers.

1x04 Brisco in Jalisco
AIR DATE: September 17, 1993
WRITTEN BY: Carlton Cuse, Jeffrey Boam
DIRECTED BY: James A. Contner

When a shipment of guns are stolen, Brisco is sent to Mexico to track them down and make sure they don't become involved in a fight between an evil dictator and revolutionaries. When he finds himself sympathetic with the revolutionaries, however, Brisco is torn between doing his job and helping a noble cause.

1x05 Socrates’ Sister
AIR DATE: September 24, 1993
WRITTEN BY: Chris Ruppenthal
DIRECTED BY: Greg Beeman

Brisco manages to capture Jack Randolph, one of Bly's gang. However, he claims to be a different Jack Randolph. Socrates' sister Iphigenia arrives to defend him, and it turns out she was also in a romantic correspondence with him. Randolph is the real Randolph, and uses Iphigenia to break out and try to recover stolen treasure in a submerged town.

1x22 Stagecoach
AIR DATE: April 1, 1994
WRITTEN BY: Jeff Vlaming
DIRECTED BY: Félix Enríquez Alcalá

Brisco is assigned to transport an English spy, Emma Steed, to Mexico as part of an exchange. Trouble arises when it turns out there is an assassin aboard the stagecoach, sent to make sure Steed doesn't get to her destination.

1x24 And Baby Makes Three
AIR DATE: April 22, 1994
WRITTEN BY: Tracy Friedman
DIRECTED BY: Kevin Bright

Pete Hutter returns once again, this time dropping a baby in Dixie Cousins' arms before being captured by ninja from the Black Lotus clan. While taking care of the baby and looking into the group, Brisco discovers a very personal connection to the Black Lotus, and will stop at nothing to find them.

1x26 High Treason: Part 1
AIR DATE: May 13, 1994
WRITTEN BY: Brad Kern, John Wirth Tom Chehak
DIRECTED BY: Kim Manners

The army puts Brisco and Bowler on trial for high treason following the events of a special mission to Mexico to rescue a kidnapped newspaper tycoons' daughter. Even as Brisco pleads their side of the story, however, it is apparent that someone is determined to have them found guilty...

1x27 High Treason: Part 2
AIR DATE: May 20, 1994
WRITTEN BY: Brad Kern, John Wirth, Tom Chehak
DIRECTED BY: Joseph Scanlan

After escaping with the help of their friends, Brisco and Bowler are pursued by Colonel March and his gang of assassins. With March and General Quarry about to enact a traitorous plot, Brisco and Bowler race to stop them.


1x01 PILOT


1x01 PILOT





1x26 & 1x27 HIGH TREASON

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