Jack & Jill (1999-2001)

john pyper ferguson,jack & jill



1x09 Pseudos, Sex and Sidebars

AIR DATE: December 19, 1999

WRITTEN BY: Randi Mayem Singer
DIRECTED BY: David Petrarca

Mikey feels ready for a pseudo-girlfriend: more then a one-night-stand, but not told she's not (yet?) a real one and often not exclusive- as Jack may be to Matt; now Jack worries Matt never introduces her as his girlfriend. Jill gets served a lawsuit for causing adulterous ex-high school-flame Laurie Tindell to break matrimony with Michel Preston, actually one date and one night; lawyer Gavola tells him judge Reeves should throw the case out easily, but she was dumped herself; plaintiff's lawyer Allison Hanau is hot in Jill's eyes, but turns his affirmation not even to have known about Tindell's marriage into 'guilt' by deliberately not asking for the sake of his fantasy, he dumps Gavola but finds another too expensive and decides to defend himself. Elisa's mystery dream-date is on a tape, renting a video. Now colleague-barman Tad has quit, Mikey is promoted manager: bye-bye day off...

1x12 When You Wish Upon a Car

AIR DATE: January 23, 2000

When Jill helps an ice vendor with his car alarm, he's promised his greatest wish will come true; the next day his favorite toy design Zantopia is unconditionally selected for production and marketing, soon followed by a VP-promotion; when the brass decides to adapt it violently, he quits Major Toys altogether, and Allison Hanau's inability to understand this causes a break-up. Jack's accounts were already shabby, when she drops a $1,500 baccarat piece at a sale, but won't take a loan, even from Matt, rather asks Mikey for waitress shifts, yet bugs male clients and messes up more then her tips are worth; when she tells Elisa to have pawned a broach, Matt redeems it. Jonathon makes Elisa happy, yet she worries to know almost nothing about the hunk, and once in his place notices girl-skates on his hat-rack, later finds a letter to some Amy about ordinary things- it turns out to be his wife who died in an accident...

1x19 Starstruck

AIR DATE: March 19, 2000

Barto has aced his scholarship, so he will soon be separated three months from Hollywood-débutante Audrey, who enjoys her agent Dan rolling out the red carpet for her. As he starts by introducing B-star client Paris Everett at the At-bar, her lifelong fan Mikey grabs his chance to meet and charm her into a date, but startles the boys by announcing a novel technique for the quick womanizer: he won't make a second move till she's dying for him. Dragged along to L.A. during their last days, Barto gets annoyed till he tells Audrey how self-absorbed she behaves, and ends up being caught leaving bed with a certain Annie. At Barto's suggestion, the apartment is sublet as a whole, so Jill moves in with Jack at least for the three months it's empty; they wrestle with practical details and the very notion of a temporary move, and finally decide it's too soon to live together...

2x04 California Dreamin'

AIR DATE: January 31, 2001

While Jill watches amazed and amused how obsessively she packs, Jack tells him she has a near-ex Sean, who works in an L.A. studio; Mikey calls Sean her would have-could have-should have, Elisa her almost-guy. Jill has a pre-wedding-attack of feeling surrounded by attractive women other then his fiancée, such as stewardesses. In an interview, Audrey and her co-star Kyle Statton paint each-other as arrogant, yet they land in bed for real. When Barto's parents drop by to summon him for a family function, Mikey immediately tests Dr. Jonas Zane's willingness to become his co-investor now he wants to buy to At-bar, but is called a worse investment risk then flushing money down the toilet, so Barto coaches him to prepare a bank loan application. While she unpacks just as pointlessly elaborately, Jill learns Jack phoned Sean for lunch within 15 minutes after arrival, and braves the temptation rubbing suntan-lotion into attractive beach bunny backs...

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