Night Heat (1987)

john pyper ferguson,night heat

EPISODE: 3x20 The Cost of Doing Business
CHARACTER: John Edwards
AIR DATE: November 5, 1987

WRITTEN BY: Giles Blunt
DIRECTED BY: Donald Shebib

Two young girls are on a rooftop with a powerful telescope completing an astronomy assignment. One of the girls, while playing with the telescope, sees a man take a shotgun from the trunk of a car. She memorizes the license plate, but her frightened mother refuses to allow her to contact the police despite the fact that a shotgun murder took place in the building right around the same time. When the mother calls in the license plate as an anonymous tip, Kevin and Frank trace the rented car to Stan Hoover, a recently paroled bank robber. The murdered man turns out to be one of two of Hoover's accomplices. Both had turned state's evidence and escaped jail sentences. When Hoover is brought in for questioning, the frustrated mid-South team is forced to let him go because no one will identify him.

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