Lonesome (2001)

john pyper ferguson,lonesome
CHARACTER: Tom Lawless

WRITTEN BY: Sidney Brammer, Elke Rosthal
DIRECTED BY: Elke Rosthal

Aleksa Palladino, John Pyper-Ferguson, Marisa Berenson, Brian Delate, Adam Lamberg,

Seventeen-year-old Lily Randolph (Aleksa Palladino) is the daughter of a politician who's obsessed with creating the image of a "perfect" family for the voters. Lily doesn't believe in image-polishing, so when Dad dumps her on the side of a highway in the heat of a family squabble, she hitches a ride with Tom Lawless (John Pyper-Ferguson), a washed-up Canadian country-western singer who hires her to be his assistant. Lily hankers to go out West and paint in the desert like Georgia O'Keefe, but Tom is bound for his home province of New Brunswick.


Lily Randolph is a headstrong teenager who is constantly at odds with her parents. Just days before her 18th birthday, Lily is thrown out of her family’s car after a heated argument with her political-candidate father. She then hitches a ride with Tom, a down-on-his-luck country-singing cowboy. In dire need of publicity for his campaign, Lily’s father goes public with her “disappearance,” triggering the FBI to begin an investigation. Pursued by her parents and the authorities, Lily flees with Tom to his deserted family home. Lily is then forced to make a decision that will affect her, and everyone around her, forever.


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