Mentors (2002)

john pyper ferguson,mentors

EPISODE: 4x08 Dusty Trails
CHARACTER: Butch Cassidy
AIR DATE: March 25, 2002

DIRECTED BY: Francis Damberger


Glae’s appetite is seriously increasing the family’s grocery bills so Simon calls forth gentleman outlaw, Butch Cassidy (John Pyper-Ferguson), hoping he’ll share his loot from a Montana robbery hidden in the mountains. But Butch stumbles across two inept bank robbers whom he can't help but double cross to take off with their loot. When the robbers come after their stolen loot, the kids have to convince Butch to hand it over to the cops. Butch does a good turn, however, when he poses as Glae's father to get Peggy to agree to "billet" Glae in the attic while he returns to the States on "business".

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