Killer Instinct (2005)

john pyper ferguson,killer instinct

EPISODE: 1x02 Five Easy Pieces
CHARACTER: Detective Sean Landry
AIR DATE: September 30, 2005

WRITTEN BY: Luke Schelhaas
DIRECTED BY: Bryan Spicer

After discovering his partner was not an actual detective but a Justice agent sent to examine if he's psychologically up to his task, SFPD Detective Jack Hale is understandably suspicious about her again female successor. Danielle Carter asked for a transfer from forensics, but Jack soon finds her useful, focused and knowledgeable. Their first case starts with a former artist whose eyes were cut out after a successful transplant cured her blindness. Her ex-boyfriend still has a shrine of pictures devoted to her, but isn't the violent type. After the next victim is found missing a kidney, also recently transplanted, it turns out there are nine others recipients of organs from the same donor. They may all be at risk as the killer either targets the organs or symbolical revenge on the donor, who indeed has a long rep sheet, but Jack concentrates on his non-conviction-charges.

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