The Handler (2004)

john pyper ferguson,the handler



1x12 Bleak House

AIR DATE: January 9, 2004
WRITTEN BY: Gwendolyn M. Parker
DIRECTED BY: Stuart Margolin

john pyper ferguson,joe pantoliano,the handler

Lily goes undercover as an Irish nanny in order to determine the whereabouts of another Irish nanny who has gone missing and is possibly dead. Joe tries to set Darnell up as a collector/enforcer for a high-powered bookie they want to bring down.

1x16 The Big Fall

AIR DATE: N/A (unaired)
WRITTEN BY: Alan DiFiore, Jim Kouf
DIRECTED BY: Leon Ichaso

Joe and his agents infiltrate a dating service in order to catch a woman who is suspected of killing several of her past dates. Caroline Glenwood is a lethal temptress, suspected of murdering more than one of the wealthy men she has met through dating services. Joe, posing as a potential suitor, puts his crew in place posing as dating service employees in order to stop Glenwood before she kills again.

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