Less Than Kind (2012)

john pyper-ferguson,less than kind



3x02 Play It Again, Sam

WRITTEN BY: Mark McKinney
DIRECTED BY: Kelly Makin
AIR DATE: January 15, 2012 (HBO Canada)

Sam’s funeral brings Sheldon face-to-face when Rabbi Rabinowitz delivers a half-hearted eulogy. Clara’s ex-husband Jack makes a surprise visit to pay his respects. An exiled Shandra attempts to support the living daylights out of Josh. Anne is numb as Shiva begins at the Blecher house.

3x04 Coming Around

WRITTEN BY: Brian Hartt
DIRECTED BY: James Dunnison
AIR DATE: January 22, 2012

When Danny tries to reconcile Sheldon to Miriam, Sheldon's over the top apology makes things worse. Josh's attempts to become the man of the house is undermined when he nearly kills a driving school student. An accidental meeting empowers a desperate Clara to blackmail her ex-husband Jack.

3x05 Reparations and Renewal

WRITTEN BY: Jenn Engels
DIRECTED BY: James Dunnison
AIR DATE: January 29, 2012

Anne discovers that Clara's extortion of her ex-husband Jack has lead her down an even darker road. Sheldon persuades a terrified Mr. Lubbe to let Danny try another driving test. Josh's reunion with his former co-star Eric leads them both to an exciting opportunity.



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