The Guardian (2001)

john pyper ferguson,the guardian

EPISODE: 1x03 Paternity
AIR DATE: October 9, 2001

WRITTEN BY: Michael R. Perry
DIRECTED BY: Joan Tewkesbury

Nick is given the case of a wheelchair-bound boy who is about to be placed in a group home while his mother does time for prostitution. The boy, Lawrence, wants to live with his stepfather, but the man has a criminal record. The state wants him to live at St. Riley's, but Lawrence doesn't want to live among the mentally disabled. Nick thinks the only chance for him is to track down the father, a former customer of the mother's, and sue for child support. But, when the father wants to have more of a relationship with the boy, everyone is caught off guard. Meanwhile, Burton and Nick help out an old friend when his daughter, Rebecca, tries to take over his business.


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