A Night for Dying Tigers (2010)

john pyper ferguson,tygh runyan,a night for dying tigers


WRITTEN BY: Terry Miles
DIRECTED BY: Terry Miles

john pyper ferguson,a night for dying tigers

Gil Bellows, Jennifer Beals, Lauren Lee Smith, John Pyper-Ferguson, Leah Gibson, Tygh Runyan, Kathleen Robertson, Sarah Lind

john pyper ferguson,a night for dying tigers,leah gibson

In 24 short hours, Jack goes to prison for five years. Tonight, for the first time since the sudden death of their parents one year earlier, the family is summoned to their ancestral home for Jack's farewell dinner. What begins as a civil, if not joyful, reunion filled with food, drink, and acerbic conversation, quickly devolves into a morally questionable whirlwind of regret, reveals, reversals, and revelations. As they duke it out in a half-savage half-civilized fashion, these characters, and the truths behind their long history of conflict and tragedy, are slowly and surprisingly revealed.

a night for dying tigers,cast



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