The Huntress (2000-01)

john pyper ferguson,the huntress

CHARACTER: Jake Blumenthal


1x04 Scattered
AIR DATE: August 16, 2000

WRITTEN BY: Bruno Heller
DIRECTED BY: Terrence O'Hara

Dottie and Brandi stand ready to scatter Ralph's ashes, but Dottie decides not to do it just yet. Ricky's cousin Ferdie is working for him temporarily at the bail bondsman's office, but the Thorsons' have the same trouble getting money out of him. Ferdie has a car thief named Doug Ho and his violent partner Larry on his list for pickup. Jake Blumenthal, a former colleague of Ralph's, takes the killer and the women take Doug.

1x13 Run Ricky Run
AIR DATE: February 11, 2001

WRITTEN BY: Larry Brody
DIRECTED BY: Scott White

Ricky's law-breaking cousin gets him involved in a stolen-car mystery which has potentially fatal results.

1x23 Now You See Him
AIR DATE: July 15, 2001

WRITTEN BY: Chris Black
DIRECTED BY: Larry Carroll

Ricky shows Dottie and Brandi a security tape of a magician named Danny Blaze who has been stealing valuable magic memorabilia. There is a major bounty out on Blaze. At an the investment house where his latest robbery took place, Phil Hegel explains to Brandi how Blaze thinks he's the rightful owner of the collection of memorabilia left by the magician the Great Paolini. Brandi finds Blaze on the street doing a magic act and cuffs him. Blaze introduces Brandi as his lovely assistant and in a flash the cuffs are off him and on her. She chases after him, but before she can catch him, Blaze runs into the arms of rival bounty hunter Jake Blumenthal. He leaves with Blaze even after Brandi pulls a gun on him. Blaze tells Jake he will lead him to the stolen manacles that belonged to Houdini, then split the reward that a "dot com zillionaire" is offering with him. Brandi tails them to a derelict amusement park.

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