Black Dawn (2005)

john pyper ferguson,black dawn

CHARACTER: James Donovan

WRITTEN BY: Martin Wheeler
DIRECTED BY: Alexander Gruszynski

Steven Seagal, Tamara Davies, John Pyper-Ferguson, Julian Stone, Nicholas Davidoff, Roman Varshavsky, Noa Hegesh, Timothy Carhart, Angela Gots, Don Franklin, David St. James, Matt Salinger, Warren Derosa

An undercover CIA agent must fight for his life when his cover is blown during a heated assignment in this action entry starring martial arts mainstay Steven Seagal. CIA agent Jonathan Cold (Seagal) is attempting to infiltrate a group of well-known arms dealers when his former student is captured and his cover is blown. Now, with little time to spare before the wrathful weapons dealers sell a powerful nuclear bomb to an Eastern European terrorist cell, Agent Cold must race to save his former student while simultaneously stopping the bomb from falling into the wrong hands.




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