The Division (2004)

john pyper ferguson,the division

EPISODE: 4x13 The Kids Are Alright
CHARACTER: Bob Pringle
AIR DATE: May 9, 2004

WRITTEN BY: Ashley Gable
DIRECTED BY: Babu Subramaniam 'T.R.'


The Division investigates the murder of Sara Allen who was looking for her daughter. At the scene a note was found telling Sarah's daughter that she was a bad mom but was still looking for her daughter. Magda meets " a floating inspector " named Regan (who is filling in for Jinny who is on maternity leave). Magda doesn't like Regan and soon learns that the inspector has a lot of questions to answer. As Magda and Regan look into the murder of Sara Allen Regan is looking at footage of a news report and soon sees a suspect on screen. Kate asks Magda to go undercover at a foster care agency to look for the daughter of Sara Allen only to discover that several children are missing. Reagan does some investigating of her own while serving as a guard for Magda.

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