Cane (2007)

john pyper ferguson,cane




john pyper ferguson,hudson brack,cane

WRITTEN BY: Joe Hortua
DIRECTED BY: Jesús Salvador Treviño
AIR DATE: November 20, 2007

Ramon's trucking company, Santa Cruz Transport, and its drivers are attacked whilst carrying Duque Run and three are murdered. Pancho is furious and orders Alex back to Duque Rum but he tells him that he is meeting with Senator Finch with regard to Ethanol production. But when he gets to see Senator Finch she tells him she is not interested in Ethanol but wants him to help her with her Senate mandate and get the Cuban vote. She asks him to accompany her to Washington D.C. for a working weekend. Henry is determined to win over Terry and make her his and finally succeeds. Isabel has her hands full with demanding artist Hudson Brack. Alex terminates the Santa Cruz contract when he finds that Duque Run is in the middle of an escalating gang war between Ramon and Dimitri's crew. When Alex and his family are threatened he brokers a deal between Ramon and Dimitri. Alex finds out that Joe Samuels will only get a fine of 1.5 million from the Department of Justice for the illegal land deals and is furious. Pancho tells Alex to take some time away from the company and spend it at home with his family.


WRITTEN BY: Peter Noah
DIRECTED BY: Sanford Bookstaver
AIR DATE: November 27, 2007

Having been ordered by Pancho to stay away from Duque Rum for a period of time Alex searches for something to do but with his family but cannot get them on board so he seeks out the company of Ramon and two of his crew Petey and Chicho who are heading to the Caribbean. But far from the trip being a getaway break for Ramon & his crew Alex learns that they are only there to avenge the shooting and robbery of Chicho which happened previously in Miami. Meanwhile, Jamie tells Rebecca that his friends are planning a bachelor party for him and he intends to go. She asks him not too since they are married but he refuses which prompts her to go reluctantly on her own bachelorette party. But both Jamie and Rebecca are similarly unhappy at each party and leave. Elsewhere, Hudson makes his move on Isabel with Alex away and Henry joins the Duque team and suggests that Duque go into the beer trade until Duque Rum's sales start to climb again but Pancho is not amused.


WRITTEN BY: Bruce Rasmussen
DIRECTED BY: Leon Ichaso
AIR DATE: December 11, 2007

As a hurricane hits the Florida coast Alex and Artie are about to take cover when Alex gets a call about storm damage at his parents home. Leaving Artie with Santo he goes to the house and finds that Henry and Frank had also been called. Henry leaves to be with Terry and after he leaves Alex hears a noise and goes to investigate. When he comes back he finds Frank held at gunpoint by three gang members and he is quickly taken hostage. Terry introduces Henry to Neville, her husband. Isabel and Hudson are trapped at her art gallery during the hurricane.


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