Somebody Is Waiting (1996)

john pyper ferguson,somebody is waiting

CHARACTER: Davis (Truck Driver)

WRITTEN BY: Martin Donovan
DIRECTED BY: Martin Donovan

Gabriel Byrne, Nastassja Kinski, Johnny Whitworth, Brian Donovan

Leon is a good hearted boy who can't stay out of trouble. When a tragic turn of events costs his mother her life, Leon's abusive and alcoholic father returns to "take care of" Leon, his two brothers, and his sister. Leon is haunted by guilt over believing he caused her death, and because he hadn't told her he was sorry. His father still drinks, and it gets worse, culminating in an argument with a drunken Roger Ellis (the father) and Leon, ending with Roger dead. Leon tries to take care of his family, but the death is quickly discovered and Leon goes on the run, more from himself than from the law. As the police try to find him, Leon finally discovers that he shouldn't fear the love of others, and should except forgiveness.



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