Hamilton's Quest (1986)

john pyper ferguson,hamilton's quest

CHARACTER: Sonny Hamilton

Hamilton's Quest was a 10-part series about a young man who discovered, after his parents die in an accident on his 18th birthday, that he was actually not their biological son. The man, Sonny Hamilton, was bewildered by this turn of events and discusses his feelings with Stickman Wilkins - oddball black in a white Prairie town, owner of the local pool hall and occasional mystic. Inspired by Stickman's search for roots, Sonny set off on his own quest for his natural parents. The journey took him across the Prairies. Sonny's parents, he learned, were involved in aiding draft dodgers, an act that was somehow intrinsic to the breakup and scattering of his natural family. Danger came in the form of The Dark Man, a maniac who stalked him during the entire journey. Each episode was named for a member of the tarot card deck, from The Fool to The Hanged Man, each signifying a chapter in the unfolding drama. The pertinent card always turns up somewhere in the storyline. -- TV Archive

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