The L Word (2008)

john pyper-ferguson,the l word

EPISODE: 5x03 Lady of the Lake
CHARACTER: Michael Angelo
AIR DATE: January 20, 2008

WRITTEN BY: Ilene Chaiken
DIRECTED BY: Tricia Brock

Shane decides to temporarily swear off sex and reaps benefits with new energy and focus at taking exercise classes and having her friends tag along with her. Tina's dating woes finally improve when she goes on a date with an attractive art collector. Meanwhile, Jodi brings Bette to meet and hang out with her fellow deaf artist friends at an upstate lake, but Bette still has a hard time letting go of control. Max ponders a mutual same-sex attraction to Jodi's sign-language interpreter. Tasha faces new allegations by her commanding officer and she asks the Army lawyer, Captain Beech, to represent her. Tasha later tells Alice that she still will stubbornly fight the "don't ask, don't tell" charges against her since her entire life is in the U.S. Army and for Tasha it's either Army life... or nowhere. That night, the Planet is burglarized and Kit is attacked after hours. Jenny and everyone else tries to adjust to her personal assistant, Adele, who is strangely attracted to the vicious Jenny's demands. As Helena slowly gets comfortable in prison with her cell mate Dusty, things are about to change when her angry mother, Peggy, finally turns up to post her bail. But although being free, Helena learns that she's not free from her mother's grasp and plans to skip town for good.

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