American Horror Story: Roanoke (2016)

EPISODE: 6x03 "Chapter 3"

AIR DATE: September 28, 2016


While searching for Flora, Lee's ex-husband is found dead. Shelby suspects Lee and the security cameras show that she followed him out of the house during the night. Meanwhile, the hillbilly family vanishes, leaving behind their two feral sons. Cricket, a psychic, claims to be able to locate Flora, and Lee pays him $25,000. In the documentary interview, Lee reluctantly discusses the disappearance of her first daughter, many years earlier. Cricket reveals that Priscilla is a dead 16th-century child, and the area is haunted by spirits led by "The Butcher," formerly Tomasyn White, the first lady of the Roanoke Colony. The colonists rebelled against Tomasyn in her husband's absence and left her for dead. In desperation, she gave her soul to a mysterious woman and violently retook control of the colony, forcing them to relocate to what is now Shelby and Matt's property. During a confrontation with the spirits, Matt disappears and Shelby finds him copulating with the same mysterious woman. Matt doesn't recall these events and as they argue the police arrive to arrest Lee, tipped off by Shelby.

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